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Tug Trucking & Shipping Ltd

General Cargo deliver trust.


Our main focus is to ensure safety is the 1st priority for us, that’s why we strictly apply the standards of Safety and Security for our trucks, and our entire line of business on a continuous basis.


A Safe truck is a safe delivery ..

Tug Trucking & Shipping Ltd. is committed to honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of our business.

In all our business activities, the customer is our ultimate focus, we seek to develop and maintain relationships with our customers rather than just merely execute transactions.

 We strongly work with open lines of communication, to help in sharing ideas and information, to achieve our clients deliveries with efficiency and safely.

We transport various range of products and goods inland and cross borders by our fleet facilitating all logistical solutions to our clients of manufacturers, exporters, importers, traders & merchants, between factories, warehouses, markets and ports. 


Our team make every reasonable attempt to earn and retain the respect, confidence and loyalty of our customers and ensure that our customers will benefit from their association with us. we pursue strategies designed to foster long-term relationships with both customers and employees who share our values and business philosophy. We conduct business the best way we know and will focus our time and energy on building and enhancing our market leadership position.

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